Moving Across Town? Making Multiple Trips Vs. One Large Trip

Posted on: 12 November 2020

When you move across town, you have options that a long-distance move doesn't allow. One of the biggest decisions you'll be able to make is whether to make multiple trips or one big trip to your new abode.  What can each option bring to the table? And how could you make it work best for your situation? Here's what you need to know.

Making Multiple Small Trips

Anyone who moves across state lines has little choice but to make as few trips as possible. This can impact your finances because you will likely need a larger moving vehicle than you would if you could return time and again. You may need to hire tow vehicles, trailers, or additional tools to get everything in transit at once. Making multiple trips allows you to reuse equipment and use smaller versions. 

You can hand-carry more items to their new destination. If you have a significant amount of sensitive or fragile belongings or you need to move live plants or animals, a multipart move may be the best option. You can allow the movers to focus more on the items that you need real help with instead of navigating the bulk of your stuff. 

Making One Large Trip

Just because you can go back and forth between your new home and old one doesn't necessarily mean you should. Many people get overwhelmed by a local move when they try to do too much on their own. The more trips you make and the more small items you try to handle on your own, the more likely that something will be forgotten or not given the proper attention for its safety. 

One large trip may also be easier to organize. Everything will be in one place. Your movers arrive at one time and do all the work instead of accomplishing it piecemeal. And you won't have to pay for redundancies, such as taking an empty truck back to your old place. Also, doing everything in one fell swoop can make it easier to recruit friends and family to help. People will know that they aren't committing to a long and onerous series of back-and-forth efforts but rather one organized effort that will take less of their precious time. 

Which method of crosstown moves is best for you? The answer varies, but both methods have their benefits. Learn more about moving within your city by meeting with local movers in your town today.