Common Types Of Moving Services

Posted on: 29 April 2021

Moving is not something you plan overnight and execute the following day. You have to make sure the residence you're moving into is ready and plan how to move your belongings. When it comes to the relocation itself, depending on your destination, you may need to seek out a company that offers different kinds of moving services, as shown below.

Local Move

Two primary factors determine if a move is local. First, you will most likely be moving within the same state. Second, the distance you're moving must fall within the range determined by your mover to be local. For most moving companies, a move is local if your destination falls within 50 miles of your starting point. Typically, professional movers will charge you fair prices for local moves. But the cost of your move will also depend on the hours taken to complete the project and the number of workers involved. 

Long-Distance Moves

Long-distance moves still stay within the same state, but the distance being covered is longer than that for local moves. Many movers determine a move to be long-distance if it exceeds 50 miles. 

For long-distance moves, you can choose to have either a full-service or a self-service move. A full-service move is when your mover completes all the work for you. They will pack your belongings, carry them into the truck, move them to your new location, unload them, and pack them in your new house. For a self-service move, you will handle all the packing and unpacking. Your mover only loads your things into the truck, moves them to the new location, and unloads the truck. 

Interstate Moves

As the name suggests, this type of move applies when you're relocating from one state to another. The distance covered does not matter. With an interstate move, you will also choose between a full-service and a self-service move. The type of service you choose and the weight of your stuff will determine the price to pay your mover. 

International Moves

If you're relocating from one country to another, that qualifies as an international move. As is expected, this type of move is more complicated than the other moves because you're dealing with the regulations and policies of another nation. For this reason, it is important to hire a reliable moving company that has handled many international moves. In most cases, the price to pay your mover will depend on your shipment's total volume.