Share The Load: Tips For Moving A Short Distance

Posted on: 17 August 2022

Although you could say all moving companies offer the same general service (moving your possessions from your old home to your new home), the details matter. Most people who move to a new home (more than 50%) are moving locally—or at least, nearby (within 50 miles). Chances are that when you need to move house, you'll only need your chosen moving company to transport your possessions over a fairly short distance. You're probably thinking, do you even need to hire a moving company?

Yes, You Need Movers

You're probably still going to need a moving company unless you're moving into the house next door or one right across the street. However, a short distance move can change the specific services you'll need from your moving company. What exactly does this mean?

Always More Effort

It might be awfully tempting to get some willing buddies, hire a truck, and move everything yourself. This is almost always way more effort than you're expecting. This isn't to suggest that you shouldn't move anything yourself, and in fact, you can save time on moving day if you do many of the smaller items yourself.

Order of Priority

In the days (or weeks) leading up to moving day, you'll begin packing. You can make an effort to pack in order of priority — packing up the items you won't need before you move. But you should end up with quite a few boxes of clothes, books, kitchen items, and miscellaneous things that you won't need until well after you move into your new place.

Here and There

As soon as you get the keys to your new home, start taking these temporarily-unneeded possessions over, using your own car, whenever you can find the time. By doing little bits of moving here and there, you'll be pleasantly surprised to see that much of the work is done by the time your actual move-out date arrives.

Heavy, Bulky, and Just Plain Awkward

These possessions can be a real effort to move. They're heavy, bulky, and just plain awkward. No matter how many willing buddies you can assemble, it's best to hire movers for these heavier items. Not only are you sparing yourself some considerable physical labor, but your movers know how to handle things cautiously to avoid damaging both your possessions and your home. And in the unlikely event that your items are damaged, your movers are fully insured.

When moving a short distance, the best results are usually found by sharing the load. Do the smaller items yourself over a period of several days, and leave the heavy, awkward stuff to the professionals.

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