7 Tips For Moving In Shaky Weather

Posted on: 10 March 2017

Even with weather reports calling for a clear and sunny day, your moving day could still be marred by bad weather. Unless you have planned ahead for it, you and your family could be forced to put off your move until another day or risk damaging your belongings. To avoid this, here are some preparation tips you can take before moving just in case you run into bad weather.  

  1. Place carpet shields down. It is easy to trek water and mud throughout your old and new home while moving. Using plastic liners or rubber mats on the floors can help to keep the floors clean and avoid a slip and fall.  

  2. Shrink wrap your furniture. Water can ruin everything from your mattresses to sofas and chairs. If it is raining, taking the time to wrap all of them can effectively seal out the water and protect the finishes of your furniture.  

  3. Switch to waterproof containers. Cardboard boxes are a less expensive option for packing up your possessions, but they will collapse if they are wet by rain or snow. By contrast, a tightly sealed waterproof container will keep the rain out and prevent exposure to the wind. 

  4. Move clothing to trash bags. The bags are an inexpensive way of keeping water out of clothing. Double-bag the clothing if the bags are thin or for added protection.  

  5. Clear the drive and sidewalk. If it is snowing, there is a high risk of you and your family slipping and falling while moving. Taking the time to improve the safety of the drive and sidewalk could help you and your family avoid injuries.  

  6. Move important papers to sealed containers. If you have any important papers that are stored in a file cabinet in paper folders, remove them from the cabinet and into containers. It might be tempting to just keep them in the cabinet and move them, but water can leak through and still damage them.  

  7. Avoid carrying large flat items in high winds. Large flat items can cause you to lose balance in high winds and even lead to damage. If possible, leave these items until the wind has died down.  

If you are working with a moving service such as Bekins Van Lines Inc, the movers can help determine if the weather is too severe to continue to try to move. The movers can also help with safely transporting your belongings if there is a way to do it without your possessions or any helpers getting hurt.