Three Packing Mistakes To Avoid During A Move

Posted on: 6 May 2017

Getting ready for a move requires planning long before you pack the first box. You will need to get boxes, tape, and other packing supplies, as well as plan out how you intend to pack. Although this seems straight forward, there are some major mistakes that can cause your move to go less than smoothly. The following can help you avoid these.

#1: Reusing the wrong boxes at the wrong time

It's common practice to reuse boxes on a move, whether they are boxes from your last move, scavenged from a store, or purchased used at a discount. Although this is an excellent way to save and recycle the boxes, reused boxes aren't suitable for everything. As a general rule, used boxes should be reserved for lightweight, non-breakable items. A used box is more likely to tear or break apart, so you don't want to trust fragile items, such as kitchen glassware, to these boxes. Used boxes may also be less structurally sound, so they should not be filled with heavy items or placed on the bottom of a stack.

#2: Skipping the packing list

Tossing things into boxes room by room, and then labeling with the room, may seem like the easiest way to pack, but it is also the hardest way to unpack. Instead, label each box with the room and a unique number. Then, on a clipboard keep track of the items packed in each box by number. This way you can quickly find items as you begin to unpack. Desperately need the spaghetti strainer your first night in your new place? No problem if your packing list tells you it is in kitchen box #5. On the other hand, if you don't have a list you may have to unpack half the kitchen before you can have dinner.

#3: Trying to save on packing supplies

Naturally you will want to look for discounts on the packing supplies you need, but you don't want to scrimp on quality or quantity. Make sure you choose a sturdy tape that is meant for packing. Cheaper paper tapes, for example, won't hold up to a move. Also, make sure you get enough supplies to secure your belongings. Newsprint may be free, but it can leave behind ink stains. Invest in packing paper and get enough so that you can properly pad everything so that nothing is broken in transport.

Contact a packing service in your area for more help.