Tips To Help You Take Your Houseplants With You On Your Next Household Move

Posted on: 30 May 2017

Moving your household to a new place requires quite a bit of planning and work on your part to help make the move successful. Not all items in your household can be easily boxed up and packed into a moving truck, especially your houseplants. And as your houseplants are a part of your home, they are important for you to take with you. Here are some tips to help you prepare and move houseplants.

Prepare and Move Potted Plants

Take some time before you move to trim excess and dying branches from your houseplants. This helps reduce the chance of your plant's branches becoming broken and damaged to cause extra stress on the plant. Replace any heavy pots with lightweight plastic pots to make the move easier, then water each plant a couple days before you move. This ensures each plant has moisture in its soil without causing the soil to be heavy and saturated on moving day.

On moving day, crush up newspaper and pack it into the top of the plant's pot and wrap plastic wrap over the pot and around the base of the plant. This will keep your plant's soil in place in the event the plant tips over during the move. Place the bottom of the pot into a box and pack crushed up newspaper or packing peanuts to keep the pot stable inside the box. Leave the plant's branches protruding from the top of the box. Transport your houseplants in a climate-controlled vehicle or truck to prevent any heat or freezing damage to occur on your plants.

Take Cuttings

Some houseplants may not be easy for you to pack up and move to your new home. For example, if you have any houseplants that are too large to safely pack into a box, or you are moving to a new home overseas and your houseplants that will not survive the long shipping transport, you can take a cutting of the plant to replant when you arrive at your new home.

On the plant you wish to take a cutting, select a branch that is healthy and several inches long. Use sharp scissors to make a clean cut at the base of the branch. Dip the bottom of the cutting into a powder rooting hormone, which will help the cutting grow roots. You can find rooting hormone at most gardening centers.

Wrap the end of the cutting in a wet towel or rag, then seal the wet material with a plastic bag or a length of plastic wrap. Carry the cutting and its wrappings with you in your handbag or a carry-on bag until you arrive at your new home. Be sure to keep the wrapping moist during your traveling.

When you arrive at your new home, unwrap and place the cutting into moist potting soil and keep it watered. Roots should begin to grow in one to two months.

Use these tips and work with a mover, like Redondo Van & Storage, to help you successfully move your houseplants.