Moving, Movers, And What The Pro's Want You To Know

Posted on: 25 June 2019

What do your movers want you to know? Reduce stress and eliminate potentially costly headaches by following a few simple steps. Before the big day arrives, take a look at what you can do to make the pro's job easier.

Pack Everything Ahead of Time

Make sure everything is completely packed and ready to go on the morning of the move. Even though it's tempting to leave a few items out to pack at the last moment, this can slow down the professional's progress and extend the overall move time.

Label Boxes and Bins

Your movers don't know what's inside of your boxes or bins. Clearly label each box/bin with the contents, the room it needs to go to, and any other identifying information.

Point Out Fragile Items

Even though a label can help to identify breakables, smaller-sized writing or lettering that's hidden by other boxes may mean the moving company professionals can't see the word, "Fragile." Along with labeling these items, tell the pros which boxes, bins, and other belongings require special handling.

Provide a Schedule

Do you need to arrive at your new home by a specific time? Whether you have to meet a realtor, have other contractors coming, need to meet a technician for utility installation, or have other scheduling needs, share your timeframe with the moving company. Agree on a set schedule beforehand to avoid confusion and delays.

Communicate Your Moving Needs

Are you concerned about your breakables making it to the new house? Are you worried that your kitchen items might end up in the living room? Communicate questions, concerns, and needs clearly. Make sure the pros know you're open to hearing their questions too.

Keep Valuables with You

Cash, jewelry, and important documents don't belong with the moving contractor. Eliminate the possibility of mishaps or misunderstandings by keeping all valuable or irreplaceable items with you. Pack a travel bag or take these items in the car with you.

Provide Easy Access

Prevent accidents by removing all physical hazards from your home. Clear a path in between boxes or furniture for the moving contractors to walk through. De-clutter both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Offer Parking Advice

Where should the driver park the moving company's truck? If you don't have a large driveway, provide clear instructions before the move day. Failure to do so could result in an expensive ticket or inconveniencing your neighbors.

Your movers want to make this process as painless as possible. In order to do so, prep ahead of time by packing everything, label boxes/bins, de-clutter the moving area, and make sure the professionals know what you need to make this busy day go smoothly. To learn more, contact a company like Kaster Moving Co Inc today.