4 Organizing Tips For a Unit You Need to Frequently Access

Posted on: 14 November 2019

Individuals utilize storage unit rentals for numerous reasons. Sometimes the unit is intended to act as long-term storage for items an individual isn't ready to part with, but other times, a storage unit acts as an extension of a home or business's functional storage space.

You might use the storage unit to expand the storage for your small business, or you may stow household and landscaping items that you have no room for at home. Follow these tips for organizing a storage unit that you need to frequently access.

1. Go with Boxes That are Easy to Stack

When packing items for the storage unit, you need to stow them in boxes that are easy to stack. Most of the time, this means that you need to go with boxes that are the same size. Same-sized boxes give you more flexibility when it comes to arranging your storage unit than having a plethora of different sizes. They also have more stability, making it possible to stack the unit to the top.

2. Label the Boxes

One of the most valuable things you can do is take the time to label the boxes so that you know exactly what's in each box. Be specific with your labels; simply writing "clothes" on the label isn't sufficient. Instead, state what clothes are in the box, what size the clothes are, who wears the clothes, and what room the clothes came from. Check that your handwriting is easy to read or consider using a label maker. 

3. Have a List of Everything You Keep in the Unit

After you label the boxes and move everything to the unit, you need to create a master list of the storage unit's contents. If you're ever unsure if an item is in the storage unit or in your home, you can check the list.

When making the list, see that it's easy to read and scan. You might arrange the list based on the storage arrangement of the items in your unit, or you can stick with alphabetical order. 

4. Opt for a Larger Storage Unit

Though it's possible to use every inch of your storage unit, many people find that it's easier to organize a unit when they have ample space to work with. Tight spaces will make it harder for you to access your belongings and arrange them in an organized fashion. A spacious unit that allows you to create multiple walkways between your possessions and avoid stacking boxes several walls thick is much easier to navigate and keep organized.